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Powerman's EZ Barbell Adaptors are specially designed handles which attach to a regular barbell, giving the user an EZ Curl Bar's hand grip position, allowing them to perform EZ curl bar exercises.

Stop sharing weights between bars, save money and space in your home!

Also outperform an EZ bar: Numerous grip widths and orientations for varying muscle stimulation and new exercises.

2010 Whittle's Original Wares Ltd. Powerman's and Ez Barbell Adaptors are trademarks of Whittle's Original Wares Ltd. All products patent pending and design registered.


     High quality solid steel construction with comfortable yet durable neoprene hand grips

     Fits standard barbells and olympic barbells (2.4 - 3.5cm/0.9-1.4 inches)

     120 kg max. load including bar and weights

     Set includes 2 EZ Barbell Adaptor handles.

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Price: 14.99
Adaptors attached
Adaptors attached
EZ Adaptors
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