Powerman's EZ Barbell Adaptors don't just convert your barbell to an EZ barbell curl bar; they also provide additional benefits:

Adjustable grip width for personal comfort and exercise requirements;
- Wide grip exercises, Close grip exercises

Adjustable handle orientation to accommodate different exercises;
- Exercises with handles facing out (e.g. Bicep curl)
- Exercises with handles facing in (e.g. Upright row)

Provides a more natural, comfortable and less strained wrist position for exercises;
- For example, compare the wrist position when performing the 'Upright Row', shown below:

Quick release - 20 second switch between EZ and straight bar exercises
- Keep weights on bar - no need to change weights between bars between exercises

Save money, time and space;
- No need to buy and store a whole new EZ bar
- Will fit an Olympic Barbell for an even bigger cost saving over an Olympic Curl Bar!

A Better Workout;
- Design prevents user curling to a position of rest, keeping your biceps under constant load!

High quality solid steel construction with comfortable and durable neoprene hand grips

Will fit all barbells sized 2.4 - 3.5cm/0.9-1.4 inches

120 kg max. load including bar and weights
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