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Stocking Powerman's EZ Barbell Adaptors

Consumer demand - retail price around half that of a full EZ barbell; to provide incentive as a cheaper, but as effective, alternative to the full EZ bar. Cheaper shipping than full EZ Bar.

Also an even larger saving when compared to Olympic EZ Curl Bar (product can be attached to Olympic Barbell to create Olympic EZ Curl Bar!)

Instant product recognition - The EZ curl bar is already a well established and high selling method of lifting weights

Good profit margins - Internet RRP 14.99, Bricks and mortar will achieve around 19.99

Additional benefits above and beyond the EZ barbell, such as adjustable grip width and orientation

Fits standard and olympic sized barbells;
    - 2.4-3.5cm/0.9-1.4 inches - bar thickness.

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