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The 'Perfect Egg' spatula was invented to cook the perfect sunny-side-up fried egg; with a runny yolk but fully-cooked white.

The Perfect Fried Egg Spatula is specially designed to conduct and maintain high heat. It has special features that allow it to be pressed on to the top of a near-cooked fried egg without damaging the egg yolk.
This means when heated and applied, it cooks the white but leaves the yolk runny.

Cooking the elusive perfect fried egg was a common problem and difficult to achieve.
The underside of the egg will cook before the top side, leaving a layer of uncooked white. Leaving the egg to cook for a longer period may mean letting the bottom of the egg burn, and/or the yolk cooking solid.

A common method of cooking the top of the egg is to flip it, which not only ruins the look of the fried egg, but often results in the yolk fracturing and spilling, or cooking solid.

The Perfect Egg Spatula makes cooking the Perfect Fried Egg quick and easy.

Heat paddle in fat & pan.
Press heated paddle onto egg, effectively frying the egg white from the top.
Serve and eat the Perfect Fried Egg, solid white and runny yolk.
*See Packaging for full Directions for Use!
The Problem
- Perfect fried eggs every time - solid white, runny yolk

- 2 in 1 - can also be used as a regular spatula

- No need to flip egg, risking the yolk splitting or cooking solid

- Cook ideal looking eggs quickly

- No need to risk burning the bottom of the egg just to ensure the top is cooked.
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